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I know that some of you prefer a printed book and some prefer an electronic book, so I am publishing 102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint in both printed and e-book formats. Use the Add to Cart button to purchase the E-book version available in PDF format for $24.00 USD (plus tax in Canada) and instant download. For example, one of our graduates at Coach Training World created the name “Peaceful Solutions” to reflect her conflict resolution and communication coaching for divorcing parents.

Small Business Administration has created an excellent resource for learning more about each of the specific types, as well as the common industries that most often take advantage of them.
21 Tips & Tools for a Kick-Ass Life:No Bullsh*t included Sign up here and receive your FREE copy in both ebook and audio versions. In addition, one of our graduates (who is a CPA and small business coach) offers some insider tips on the pros and cons of the most popular business structure options for coaches.

Recommend!"  63 minutes after she ordered the book, she had already applied one of the tips to make her presentation more effective!

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