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March 17, 2009 By Nicole Avery Tagged With: parenting, time managementAt the end of February I wrote some a post on 6 Blog Time Management Tips. It is easy to spend considerable time contemplating what to cook and then run multiple times to the supermarket for the required ingredients. It can often seem easier to do things yourself, but it the long term this is not going to give you any more time.
I find to be effective with my time, I need to have adequate space and time to recharge my batteries through the week. To be able to allocate time to myself I need to know where I am spending my time, so I regularly write down my week to see where I can fit in those things important to me. With a never ending to do list, you can fall in the trap of forgetting the most important part of parenting, having fun with your kids.

Not every one is a fan of routines, but I find that they allow children to take greater responsibility for themselves.
Taking people up on their offers of help and delegating tasks to your partner are certainly ways to better manage your time. By spending time teaching children to do simple tasks for themselves, not only will you increase their self confidence as you build their independence, but will eventually free up some time for yourself as you will not have to do this task for them.
Set yourself up a process for how you will deal with the incoming paperwork and then stick to it. We have a rough starting and end point for his day, but in between those points it all really depends on the day!
I have set up a process for managing school paperwork and have found that it saves me time and makes sure I complete the relevant forms on time.

For example if I need to buy presents for the children’s friends parties, return the library books and buy bread then I will group these tasks.
My husband works in the city, so has access to major department stores, so if I need to do something like change over the size of a child’s new item of clothing, he can often do this for me.
Secondly by spending regular time with them, when you need some time to get jobs done, you can explain this to the children and they are less likely to be disrupting your task, demanding your attention.

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