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So to lose pounds, the first step is to get out of resistance and (eventually & ideally) into appreciation.
As I see it, there is no contradiction if it’s not the fat or extra weight you are focusing on.
I can sense why you have so much fun as a weight loss coach, Leigha – your energy for this topic is vortex-inducing in itself! There isn’t anything inherently problematic with focusing on weight loss (or anything else we desire). As for appreciating and loving our bodies as they are and how they serve us, there’s no contradiction with how the Law of Attraction works.
In reality, we focusing on either how hard it is to lose weight or on how ugly or unattractive we are and if we could just lose weight we’d be perfect (or something similar).
As Sophie pointed out, there may be a very good reason a person might be holding on to extra weight. When she became visible to herself, realizing her defense mechanism was no longer needed, she released the weight.
Jessica, I love your new identity, formerly a “fat person who is losing weight”, to now a “slim person with some temporal extra weight.”!
You become the person who weighs less by focusing on what you want, and letting yourself be who you are. If you want to lose weight you will – and then you’ll gain it back so you can continue to be the person who wants to lose weight! In a very practical sense, when you look at the fat in your body, it can be very useful to look for reasons why having fat is helpful.
In other words, if you are accustomed to feeling despair about the fat in your body, anger may be the next better-feeling point of attraction for this fat. For in this moment, when you are no longer resisting fat and you are now in appreciation for all that it has done with you and for you, you will be able to joyfully experience yourself and you will not be surprised at all as you get more and more evidence of how the fat in your body is moving into the form that reinforces the joyful, loving, and appreciating place you have brought your point of attraction to.

I think for her, she had to start appreciating how good she looked before she could lose the weight and continue to improve and appreciate how good she looked. You can see the examples of thousands of people who successfully lost weight with the help of different weight loss programs as well as amazing law of attraction. Well, yes, like everything else, weight reduction can also be done, however, there are always some rules behind everything you do in your life and the same case is here with the law of attraction and weight loss.
Ask yourself what you actually want either it is just maximum weight loss or transformation of your entire body into lean and sexy figured lady who makes everyone turns back. Once you have prepared your plan, you just have to follow it and now you will use law of attraction and weight loss strategies to make you realize you are so close to achieve your target. By focusing on how much I love my body and not losing weight, I can eat anything I want and do not gain any weight!
She was resisting buying clothes of a larger size even though her clothes were tight because she wanted to lose weight.
Remember, law of attraction for weight loss will not let you fail, but you just have to have 100% belief in the law and in your success and this is what is required by LOA to be successful. For example, you might want to get into your clothes that used to be perfect few months ago and you might also want to get into your skinny jeans which were fit few years ago. Now there will be different strategies of the law for you and one of them is making affirmations in which you write, speak and make yourself believe that you are losing weight quickly and everything is going according to the plan.
With hundreds of diets plans categorized by calories, time & weight, FatLossPot brings you highly informative articles covering diet, exercises, workouts and other fat loss related issues.
Use of this website and any information contained herein is governed by the FatLossPot Terms Of Use Agreement. She has understood the universal wisdom of the law of attraction and secret very well and applied everything perfectly with the action. Otherwise, there is nothing that can’t be done especially when you know about weight loss law of attraction.

She has more than 10 years of exercise experience & regularly writes in many fitness magazines about fitness, weight loss and how to stay fit.
She realized how much better she looked in clothes that fit and right after that, she started to lose the weight. Of course, as soon as I thank my body for following my exact instructions, the weight goes down, and then I feel even better! As you already know, the reason you want to lose weight is because you believe that in the losing of the weight you will be able to love your body and yourself more. Thank you, Ajay!I must say, nothing is impossible with Law of Attraction and The Secret and getting your guidance and mentoring while following my dreams is made it easier for me.LincaWOW,  four awesome and life-changing stories shared by Linca. For her weight loss, once she decided to do it then she made firm decision and start following it. Like Linca has made an affirmation “I am going to lose weight this year and I will be helping others to achieve their goals after that.”• Ready to take action for making your dreams come true. Like Linca has learned from book, DVDs and read this blog to keep her more aligned to the Law of Attraction. Like she has joined the 28 Magical Practices with me and took my mentoring to understand how to apply the law of attraction well in every area of life. Yes she has done an amazing transformation and she highly dedicated to her fitness and practice Law of attraction to the best.
However, I need your guidance in making my own vision board that purely focuses on losing weight – having a well toned body and being a great fitness trainer.
ANd believe me you can make yourself perfect weight very easily if you put right intention at work.

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