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Poor time management, generally in the form of procrastination, adds a level of stress to your mind that doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy your down time. We have to know our limits and all this organising is now impinging on my quality planning time, which is now cutting into my family time. Committing to a set amount of time to work on an important project will make it more likely to happen on time.
You cannot manage your time simply by reading and browsing the time management articles and books.

Routines, even if strayed from on weekends, nurture an environment of giving value to your time.
If you know the due dates for specific assignments and the time frames for quizzes, papers and exams, you’ll be able to spread out the necessary school work.
It really helped me to have a new angle to llonk into my decision making and time management.
I have observed ppl who are toppers stay away from these things at least for few hrs a day (mostly during their study time).

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