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An important part of the Pomodoro Method is to have dedicated time assigned for a specific task, ensuring your full attention and focus.
I strongly believe that energy levels, focus and productivity are related and come in closely related cycles. I do believe that you can influence the whole cycle, but it’s way outside the scope of time management and has everything to do with your general well-being and the habits that influence it. The basic idea is:  work for 25 minutes on a single task, with a timer ticking back the time left  and then take a break. When co-workers ask for help on projects, friends and family text, call or email, your time becomes their time. Imagine the invigorating power of not planning your day around time, but planning around specific action.
Great post, although I’ll bet there are a lot of theoretical physicists who would take umbrage with your claims about time.

If you take on a project that has a fast turnaround, it’s assumed that you have the project management skills and bandwidth to complete the project in that time as part of your daily goals.
At which point you don’t feel like doing much at all, most certainly not some complicated time management method. Furthermore, having a timer tick back, give you back a bit of that deadline stress that makes you feel productive, without the disadvantages of real deadlines. By that time, you need methods like this to manage your time or you will spend entire days just responding to people.
One thing I have learned is that there is no canon of evidence-based recommendations in the field of time management. You are starting to imagine all the work you want to get done and does not seem to come along at all.  This is where time management methods come in. It may seem productive at first, but the end result is even less productivity and quality than where you began.

Burying the timesheet and implementing value pricing in a results only work environment (ROWE). Usually you will take them at times you mind starts to wander, energy is low or things start to get painful. I’ve been doing this since 1990 with an electronic device I invented called a TimeCorder. If you are like me, you have already abandoned the time management method, because it feels more like a chore and everything is moving along without it.

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