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Stanford University’s Youth Leadership Development Program introduces students to a broad scope of sustainability trends and social, technological and economic issues. Stanford University’s Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness is the perfect place to stimulate idea development and foster leadership skills.
Applications available now for the 2012 Stanford University Youth Leadership Development Program. The Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (CSDGC) at Stanford University recognizes that the development of leadership and creativity begins at a very early age, soon after the experience of discovery. Many of us, through exposure to popular media, largely associate leadership with professional adults who are in executive management roles in politics, government, or business. Stanford University, one of the best known centers of high impact innovation, is the perfect setting to stimulate idea development and engage in problem-solving in the globally urgent area of sustainability. The CSDGC Youth Leadership program is based on the premise that in normal learning environments, the objective is to rigidly parallel or even mirror particular knowledge frameworks and as a result, creative thinking is stifled.
CSDGC invites groups to organize visits to Stanford for workshop programs that range from 3 to 7 days.

High School: this program is designed to help college-bound students assess themselves and then look ahead. LEADERSHIP INTELLIGENCE View leadership excellence as the product of the combination of knowledge intelligence with emotional intelligence.
Internships are usually available to registered Stanford undergraduate or graduate students to mentor for the CSDGC Youth Leadership Development Program. Acceptance into the program is merit-based and students will be screened and selected by Futton. However, if we reflect on our life experiences, we notice that leadership opportunities really begin in youth and this is where the most influential leadership life lessons emerge. This workshop focuses on introducing students to a broad scope of sustainability trends and issues (social, technological and economic), and seeks to help identify leadership opportunities connecting ideas to successful realization. The visit would allow students to focus their thoughts on their leadership development, and explore the Silicon Valley environment. Our program seeks to encourage youth to focus on the development of their personal story through systematic personal skills and talent development.

The high school leadership program is designed to help college-bound students assess themselves and encourage them to develop the leadership objective of “Proof” through participation, contribution and influence in team projects.
In this expanded leadership framework, we can begin to identify a sequence of leadership objectives at various age stages that help us adopt differentiated methods for fostering leadership development.
Using a combination of lectures, discussions, hands-on design work, and site visits, the program provides multidimensional views of the sustainability universe, and will introduce you to various tools, approaches and distinguished thinkers so that you can embark on your own course of self-discovery.
The undergraduate student program is designed to help college students optimize their higher learning experience. The focus is on the leadership objective of “Integration” and helps students develop a compelling package of knowledge, skill, and motivation.

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