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Since completing my Spencer Institute Certification in March of this year, I have been working as a Wellness Coach. In 2011, after the passing of my father from Brain Cancer, I was called to do more and a wonderful friend directed me towards the Spencer Institute and it’s certification in Holistic Life Coaching. Since completing my Spencer Institute certification I have launched my life coaching business online and locally. Certified Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach and NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Since becoming a Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach, I created 21 Days to Well, a powerful program designed to help participants find true, holistic wellness.
The Spencer Institute Coaching programs are informative while being exciting and cutting edge. I’ve been fortunate to complete two wonderful coaching programs through the Spencer Institute.
I wanted to be able to help these people in a bigger way and was so happy when I found the Spencer Institute’s program. I received my Life Strategies Coaching certification from the Spencer Institute in May 2005.
I can honestly say that I would not be as successful as I am now if it were not for the Spencer Institute and my coach during the program, Dr. The education from NESTA and The Spencer Institute, provide you with key tools to be successful.
The Spencer Institute is truly an industry leader in fitness, wellness, coaching and holistic health. Learning life coaching at the Spencer Institute has been a great way for me to increase my business base.

My main reason for choosing the Spencer Institute programs was to enhance my practice and to increase my personal enrichment. On reflection, I am delighted that I have completed the courses and attended the Spencer Institute. The Spencer Institute has a completely unique approach to nutrition, food, psychology and coaching.
Learning how to become a life coach at the Spencer Institute has been a great way for me to grow my coaching business. Earning the Spencer Institute's Wellness Coach Certification was an excellent addition to existing education and experience. And it is because of my Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach Certification that I feel prepared to do so. The NESTA and Spencer Institute training I received was invaluable in boosting both my drive and confidence. My brother told me about Spencer Institute, and I thank him because it really amped up my skills in coaching clients. The Spencer Institute will give you the powerful tools and techniques that can catalyze a whole new level of breakthrough for your clients. I have a list of certifications that I plan on receiving through NESTA and the Spencer Institute this year, and I am looking forward to growing my business!
I recommend any program provided by the Institute to anyone who is serious about establishing a professional coaching career.
Thanks to Spencer Institute for better enabling me to share my experience, strength and hope with others along the path to wellness.
I found the Spencer Institute and decided that the Wellness Coach program was what I needed to make the positive changes required.

Then I quit the job that left me unsatisfied, became a Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach and started my own business.
The Spencer Institute and NESTA provide a tremendous amount of resources and tools that are available to graduates to help build their coaching foundation. John Spencer Ellis chosen guest speakers for each course were not only qualified to provide insight in relation to the course material but also had extensive working experience in their field of instruction.
NESTA and the Spencer Institute have truly put together valuable certification programs that are fun to learn and rewarding to have. I researched other schools and found the programs at Spenser Institute are a relaxed, non-threatening way to learn, which are done at one’s own pace.
I strongly recommend the Spencer Institute for all your coaching needs and I will be returning to continue my quest to attain as much knowledge as possible to help my clients reach their goals.
The education I received from the Spencer Institute helped me both personally and professionally.
I have written blogs for The Spencer Institute and have also started blogging my own personal journey to wellness. At this time, I promote myself daily with my website, Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, Fiverr, Pintrest, and of course Spencer Institute.

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