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Effective time management and scheduling our tasks is something that can be only mastered with practice. What many contractors don't realize is the secret to running a profitable business is all wrapped up in the project schedule, one of the most visible and shared pieces of the planning process.
By learning how to analyze the project schedule and being able to negotiate for the right amount of time to efficiently manage your work, you'll save money throughout the project — from beginning to end. This way, you can see an entire project time line organized in a logical way (see Logic: The Smarts of the Schedule on page C28). Understanding what these elements are and how they relate to each other will give you the ability to read the project schedule and gain insight on how the project will come together.

1, and you'll see that beyond the graphical display of bars, there's a lot of logic and planning of resources that goes on “behind the scenes” in a project schedule. Use the item numbers from the project schedule so you have a common point of reference when negotiating (click here to see Table 1). This can be done with pencil (make sure and use one with an eraser!), with Excel (click here to see Table 2), or — if you have the skills and the time — with scheduling software. This schedule currently requires excessive fluctuations in our manpower that will result in inefficiencies, thereby delaying completion of the project.
Here are the benefits you'll see from a leveled project schedule: Your core crew will stay on project with only minor fluctuations.

Putting the 10 steps to better schedule management strategies to work for you will give you the tools you need to take control of your projects, starting today.
Here are a few points to consider when weighing the benefits of streamlining your schedule management strategy: Electrical contractors have relatively low project overhead costs and make money through labor efficiency.

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