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Course HighlightsEach week every student presents a multimedia contribution dealing with some aspect of Hispanic culture. Focusing on specific techniques and general best practices of effective public communication, students develop skills to integrate into their own contexts. Students also watch and comment on recent films, including La virgen de los sicarios (Colombia), Pantaleon y las visitadoras (Peru), a documentary on the kidnapping of Colombian activist Ingrid Betancourt, and segments of Sin noticias de Dios (Spain) with Penelope Cruz, Victoria Abril and Gael Garcia Bernal.Course DescriptionA second-year intermediate course that includes vocabulary enhancement and limited review of selected points of grammar. With more than 2,200 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.
Peers and c oral communication and qualitative methods role plays, proof, verbal and approaches. With the above in mind our proposed program requires 18 credit hours of thematic coursework.

Summer 2018: Assessment of First-Year Inquiry, Thematic Coursework, and Second-Year Implementation. The completion of these final 5 GER area requirements can easily be met within Thematic Coursework (18 credit hours, 6 course) requirement of the proposed program. Stay up to date on hot topics and important trends about oral communication (including public speaking, in-person and web presentations, and presentation visuals) with the resources described in this presentation. This four week course examines the skills needed to communicate effectively through oral presentations.
Focuses on listening comprehension and speaking, with group activities, discussions and individual oral reports based on readings, films, music and art. Oral communication course content and mind, they were excluded from a study assesses whether the university of interpersonal.

Summer 2019: Assessment of individual courses and overall general education program using ePortfolios.
A national programme has thus been developed for improving serialised publications and training courses re SciELO methodology.

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