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This step seems so logical and remedial, but is the one step most singers skip..keeping them from singing up to true their ability level! There are many ways to accomplish this Singing Step from yoga, to physical cardio exercises of your choice to meditation.
STAY TUNED for the next post where we take a look at Step 02 of the Ten Steps to Singing Success TM! Step 01 of the Ten Steps to Singing Success Vocal Training System is provided in many different programs and courses throughout the SingSmart Method and Training Tools. Popular training course with audio instruction and lessons, along with guidebook and interactive software. This easy-to-read affordable lesson discusses the basic ideas of many topics; from how we create our vocal sounds, how our voice relates to other instruments (and how we can use that information to our advantage), the overall understanding of resonance (very important!), muscle memory as it relates to the voice and singing and more! I have been asked a lot of questions lately about how the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT is connected to the sound a singer produces on a daily basis (why are some days harder than others) and how STRESS affects the singing voice. The best way to deal with anything that stands in your way and makes singing harder than it should be is to apply BETTER CHOICES. Understanding the choices involved with each of these singing steps will help you observe your own behavior, identify what is making your singing harder than it should be, and give you the power to make the needed adjustments to become the best singer you can be!
If you aren’t sure how to accomplish these things, stay tuned for the rest of this blog series where we will discuss the Ten Steps to Singing Success! In the last couple of tips and lessons we have talked about making better choices for breathing and gaining control over your airflow.

This is not something you can accomplish just by singing and practicing songs over and over.
We strongly suggest that in order to get the most out of this lesson you also study the previous lessons in this Singing Step Series (Step 02, Ten Steps to Singing Success).
In SingSMART™ Singing Lessons 0201-0203 we learned about the best overal choices for breathing during the act of singing and also concentrated on HOW the diaphragm is supposed to function during inhalation and exhalation. We recommend these lessons as prerequisites in order to completely understand the concepts and exercises presented in SingSMART™ Singing Lesson #0204. Keep in mind that your current muscle memory and association with breathing will be quite strong. Conscious repetition with better choices for singing is the only way to rewrite the muscle memory and associations. Breathing with poor choices during singing is one of the MOST COMMON reasons that a singer doesn’t reach their full potential or ability level during performance. SINGING LESSONS ONLINE are an effective and fast way to improve your singing knowledge and skills. Learn the absolute necessities about breathing for singing with this immediate singing lessons download. Learning to control the actions of the diaphragm using these conscious breathing techniques will put you on the path to singing at your very best. These SINGING LESSONS ONLINE are a great way to improve your singing voice and learn better breathing techniques that will not only improve your singing, but also improve your health! Learn how to sing with Online Singing Lessons and the SingSMART™ Vocal Training Method and Techniques.

In a moment I’d like to tell you where you can get some excellent free online rock singing lessons…These lessons will show you exactly how to develop a voice full of strength, power, and great tone.Because if you are a rock singer, you need these things! Over the next couple of weeks we are going to walk through a method I use personally and have taught to my students for many years: The Ten Steps to Singing Success™.
The same is true for singing — you may not be able to execute everything from the get go, but understanding your goals will help you get there a lot faster.
With just a little practice you will be amazed at how easy singing can be — every single day. Click here for detailed singing lessons and courses you can download and study in the privacy of your home.
To learn more about BREATHING FOR SINGING, click the links below and get started online today.
This immediate singing lessons download will give you tips and tricks you can use with every performance! To help with this plight, there is a new online singing lesson available to you that includes an exercise to help you achieve this goal much faster and with more reliable results. These gifted, 100-watt egos gladly stand up in crowded restaurants and belt out tunes or bust into free style raps at parties.

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