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Upcoming Events 2015 FCIB’s International Credit & Risk Management Online Course! The major risk is that of default when the money does not get paid.This tutorial describes how credit risk is generated both directly and indirectly from the business of a financial institution. It also addresses key measurements of such risk such as internal estimates of possible losses and credit ratings assigned to debt instruments by external agencies. In addition to a bank’s own risk tolerance, regulators concerned with systemic risk require banks to hold credit risk capital so that banks can survive most loss scenarios.

Benefits: Successful completion of the course, affords you the opportunity to take an online certification exam and be awarded the CICP professional designation.
The crisis showed how banks can lose billions, or even go out of business, due to their failure to identify, measure, and manage credit risk correctly.This tutorial looks at the structures banks should have in place to manage credit risk, from the creation of a robust control environment with high-level participation to judicious usage of securitization and credit derivatives for more precise risk management. Online management, finance and business courses to suit you're learning needs, budget and schedule. Online management, finance and business courses to suit your learning needs, budget and schedule.

The events of the period highlighted many issues, not least of which was some extraordinary mismanagement of credit risk.

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