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Expect the content for each lesson to consist of 2.5 hours of work per class, and this includes listening to or attending the class, reading through the resources, notes and practicing your skills on a loved one or the coaching buddy we pair you with. ICF information: Through the tele-class version you will earn 39 coach-specific hours and up to 20 client coaching hours (you are paired with another student and you both coach each other) which can be used on your PORTFOLIO application.
Is Life Coaching For Me (Includes Quiz) Use this form on your website for potential clients. Includes spiritual coach checklist, spiritual life worksheet, characteristics of a great spiritual coach, powerful coaching questions every spiritual coach should know, tools every spiritual coach should have, simple and powerful meditations, how a spiritual coach help clients, and the most important spiritual coaching rules you need to know.
We strive to provide fellow employees and students with a peaceful, open, honest and loving environment allowing for maximum growth.

A self employed coach for over 10 years, coach Mackenzie has extensive training in business and marketing which she uses to help students find their own success as coaches. You also receive 6 classes on how to build your coaching practice (this includes building your website, setting up your business and marketing). Giving clients the tools and resources to create, maintain and repair relationships.Healthy Relationship Coaching(Family, Professional, Personal) If your everyday relationships are suffering there is a probability that your romantic relationships will too.
Forms and assessments to use with your clients will make your coaching sessions seamless and professional. Coach Mackenzie also has a degree in psychology which she used to help create the coaching tools used in the Master Certified Coach Program.

You will work personally with your instructor to build your coaching business (and your confidence).
This includes having an online Client Resource Bank that all of your clients can access at no cost to you or them.

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