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We have all been conditioned to believe we have one personality type and this is something was we have to live with for the rest of our lives.
Instilling appreciation in your life is one of the most simplistic yet most effective means of creating abundance and converting yourself into an attractive individual. I believe that because we are social animals and we have learned mostly everything through socialisation, our personalities are one such example. Its fascinating to see how people use this either to their advantage in the game of attractiveness or decide to opt out completely (usually because they need some education here too).

Style is something that needs to be worked on, to the point of knowing how to dress your body and achieve a look that you feel confident in, which represents your personality. This makes one immensely attractive because there are no longer any games played and if something seems obscure, it can always be clarified because the person with a thought-out set of boundaries will be able to explain themselves and relate in a more effective manner. This aim for balance in our personality can be achieved by anyone willing to work on their weaknesses. This is not meant to inflate the go and make you sound pompous but instead the intention is to enhance the individual to flow with grace and uphold a poise of absolute attractiveness to others around them.

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