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Better communication leads to engaged employees, higher workplace morale, and greater efficiency and productivity. The Culture Vulture flaps around the globe keeping his hungry eyes on all the news relating to Cultural Awareness, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Competence, Translation, Languages & Multilingualism, Interpreting, Localization, GILT, Business Training and Design.
Those who know our company know we are all about clear communication across languages and cultures.
Poor communication in the workplace can lead to low morale and lack of productivity, which inevitably will have a negative impact on the bottom line. Modern conveniences can help improve communication, but the right medium needs to be selected depending on the situation. Good communication is essential in the business world in order to keep a company moving forward. A supervisor can also ask questions of those he or she is in charge of to make sure they understand and are working at the right pace. Even if one idea is not feasible, it might spur what could be the ultimate solution to a problem.
Even successful companies should take the time to try to improve the communication between staff members.Be Sociable, Share! You have to act on what you hear if you want to create a workplace where people communicate well.
When employees feel comfortable their ideas will be considered, they will begin to feel more comfortable offering other suggestions, thus improving the feeling of being part of a team. Make sure you communicate with your team regularly to keep them in the loop so you’re all on the same page.
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The aim of the guide is to give a short and basic introduction to business communication and tips on improving communication skills for those working within an international or multicultural workplace. Good teamwork depends heavily on all employees understanding what is expected of them and what they can expect from others in the office, including management. Communicating effectively with your employees is essential to creating a happy, productive workplace. Whenever possible, nothing beats a personal meeting, where voice tone and facial expressions can help convey the proper message.
This requires a mental and emotional decision to let go of your 'story'  about the other person, even if it's 'the truth' . If an issue arises that isn’t part of the agenda, make a note of it and include it in the next meeting. We are now very pleased to announce the release of a free self-study guide to improving your communication skills when working in a culturally-diverse environment.
The best way to improve communication is to make sure the right personnel are available when needed. Talk to them face-to-face — Thanks to email, text messaging, and chat applications, face-to-face communication is dying a painful death in many workplaces. This helps strengthen working relationships, improve collaboration, increase trust and respect, and avoid miscommunication issues that can occur when going back and forth over email or text. Don’t be afraid to ask teammates or management to clarify something if the details are not clear. Keep your employees in the loop — Your employees want to feel like they know what’s going on with your company. It’s your job to break down these walls so your employees feel they can approach you comfortably.

Give them avenues for sounding off — Listening is an important part of communicating with your employees, and in order to listen, you need to give your employees ways to provide feedback. Even when operations seem to be going well, it can be important to review whether the lines of communication need to be improved. While it’s ideal for workers and supervisors to be in the office on a regular basis, today’s business environment doesn’t always make that possible.
It improves teamwork and ensures everyone knows what is expected of them and how they can help the business reach its goals. While these tools can come in handy for communicating certain things, it’s important that you still make time to interact with your employees in person. This can include using employee surveys (anonymous surveys allow employees to share things they might not feel comfortable putting their name to), holding regular staff meetings where everyone gets to participate, having an open-door policy with your team, or just using the old-fashioned suggestion box. If they know you’re not going to do anything with what they say, they’ll stop talking to you. This is my new study in addition to offline marketing (for the week) so this came across my laptop at just the right time by my auto-syndications on twitter.
Include an agenda, set up specific start and stop times and make sure only those that need to be there are invited.

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