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Understanding the numbers of your financial life is an important principle in helping you take back control. Many financial experts choose to focus all their time and energy on tangible formulas, benchmarks, and percentage-based rules of thumb. TRUTH: You do not have to be good at math to break-free from the burden of a stress-filled financial life. However, I’m utterly convinced that a constant negative, entitled attitude will drag you down and keep you trapped. We’ve talked about how this is not just a logic problem, so reading this article alone IS NOT ENOUGH. The approach to tackling financial issues that I’ve outlined in this post is really important to me. So I like how you broke this down because it might just help those that get stuck, invest in their future selves a little more.

I completely agree that living with a blessed attitude is an excellent way to turn your financial life around. I think this approach will also help us be better stewards of the blessings that we have already received, and in turn, use these gifts and blessings to be more productive and more effective. A blessed attitude, good communication, and a willingness to change for the better are the skills for a full life on all levels. However, MK is right – attitude adjustment is one thing, but make sure you have a numbers based plan to put in action. You won’t believe how many times honest and clear communication has saved the day for a lot of venture capitalists and investors! Being smart financially cannot happen until a person is truly in the right mindset to apply their knowledge. And anytime you’re around another person, honest, humble communication will reward you every time.

Every time something good happens the first thing I think about is how blessed I am for it. I have found that if we know our WHY and fully grasp it and connect with it, it becomes an anchor for us to hold on to when times get tough or the winds of life want to blow us off course. The presentation of financial guidelines with a psychological introspection is truly commendable.
People often overlook the correlation but how we think and feel has an enormous impact on where our money goes.
Building on your most previous and reliable asset (yourself!) is primordial if you want to get out of any rough financial situation.

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