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With the increasingly globalized world, communication has come to emphasize adaptability and understanding of cultural context.
Take your IT, computer science, and gaming skills to the next level through an international study or intern experience. Whether it's traditional media (TV, newspaper and radio) or new media (social media, digital TV, digital radio or mobile applications), this course will give you the critical skills required to understand communications in an ever changing digital global industry. You'll be gaining both theoretical and real-life insights into the power of communication via traditional and newer forms of media.
This major provides students with skills and expertise for work in a contemporary communication and media industry characterised by rapid change, digitalisation and technological innovation.

Murdoch collaborates with financial institutions to provide financial support to our students. Our Vision is to provide both institutions and students with full assistance to reach their objectives. We aim to provide the interaction platform among the student with both local and international institutions.
Students are equipped with the knowledge base and skills for analysing and producing both traditional and new media texts, as well as understanding communication and cultural processes in emerging creative industries.
Download a course guide and learn how you can join one of the most in demand communication schools in the country.

The School of Communication is a dynamic centre of creativity, innovation and knowledge in communication and media, and information and social science. From film and television to journalism and media studies, communication majors who study abroad find their international experience invaluable.

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