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In September 2013, POV caught up with filmmakers Samantha Buck and Danielle DiGiacomo of Best Kept Secret to find out what's happened since the camera stopped rolling.
As Samantha Buck’s moving documentary makes clear, the secret weapon at the public school for special-needs students is Janet Mino, an inspirational teacher with limitless patience and indefatigable enthusiasm.
Best Kept Secret's five open-air stages sit inside Beekse Bergen Safari Park, meaning animal-lovers can go and party with the giraffes while others relax to music on beachside stages next to a large lake.
Despite 2015 being only its third year, Best Kept Secret manages to curate a lineup that just oozes class, from the guitar-slashes of The Libertines and the indie-sounds of alt-J, all the way up to old-timers Ride through the cut-throat raps of Earl Sweatshirt.

A charming blend of quality with a boutique, original feel, there's no turning back once you've discovered this Dutch secret. Kennedy High School, Newark's best-kept secret." JFK provides an exceptional environment for students with special-education needs. In Best Kept Secret, Janet Mino, who has taught a class of young men for four years, is on an urgent mission. Best Kept Secret is an exemplary documentary: It spotlights an important issue yet never seeks to squeeze the truth into an easily digestible narrative frame.

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