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Abraham-HicksEverything that you bring into your experience, you bring because of this powerful law of attraction.
When Rhonda Byrne wanted to change Esther Hicks contract, Esther & Jerry Hicks made the decision to be edited out rather than compromise their integrity.

It explains how you can have the life of your dreams by understanding and using the principles of this universal law of nature.Although the ideas and philosophy of The Secret are based on old writings such as 'The Science Of Getting Rich' by Wallace Wattles, when it came to making the movie Esther Hicks channelling Abraham was an integral part of the original concept. Interestingly, as Abraham-Hicks has pointed out, by omitting the information that we are in essence, non-physical, vibrational beings who always have a link with non-physical reality, the essential part of The Secret remains a 'secret.'I think The Secret is an excellent introduction to the Law of Attraction, but it does focus more on the materialistic side of life, especially in the more well-known version with Abraham-Hicks being omitted.

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