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This stunning new novel from Tatiana de Rosnay, author of the acclaimed New York Times bestseller Sarah's Key, plumbs the depths of complex family relationships and the power of a past secret to change everything in the present.It all began with a simple seaside vacation, a brother and sister recapturing their childhood. As far as the main predicament of the book- Celia finds out that her husband committed murder 25 years ago- I LOVED it.
And the real kicker is that at the end it says that Tess has a baby that was conceived the week she slept with both Connor and Will and she just always keeps it her little secret that the kid looks just like Connor.
But I thought this book was written at least 50 years too late for the big reveal to actually matter.

If I hadn't been listening to the audio on a long road trip, this would have been a book I put down right away.
Let me just say that I'm not surprised that our bookstore didn't sell A SINGLE COPY of this book in hardcover, and though the paperback has been on the bestseller list for a couple of weeks already, we've not sold one paperback copy yet, either. Suddenly, however, the past comes swinging back at both siblings, burdened with a dark truth about their mother, Clarisse.Trapped in the wake of a shocking family secret shrouded by taboo, Antoine must confront his past and also his troubled relationships with his own children. But the big secret--the one that makes her daughter drive off the road, nearly killing herself and her brother when they're all grown up and their mother is dead anyway--is that their mother didn't love their father but actually loved another woman.

Suddenly fragile on all fronts as a son, a husband, a brother and a father, Antoine Rey will learn the truth about his family and himself the hard way.By turns thrilling, seductive and destructive, with a lingering effect that is bittersweet and redeeming, A Secret Kept is the story of a modern family, the invisible ties that hold it together, and the impact it has throughout life.A film is now in production, to star Melanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds, Now You See Me), Laurent Lafitte (The Crimson Rivers, Little White Lies), and Audrey Dana (Roman de Gare, The Clink of Ice) and will begin shooting in April!

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